About Me - Julie Good Photography-Pixgeek

FoCapturing moments all around me. Specializing in outdoor photography of nature, animals and wildlife.

Portraits are all done by word of mouth only.  I give a $25.00 referral off for that person that was referred and the person who referred me for paid photogaphy sessions. 
The referral cost will be deducted at time of payment.


I keep images for 6 months on my website in private folders access only to the clients whom have paid. After the 6th months,  the images are deleted except for a couple which then are moved to my folder called different events to show off some of my work as part of my portfolio. After the 6th month no images will be available for download. 

Social Media: I do not post any client mages on social media. I find privacy and protection very important. All  clients receive a folder for prints and a folder for social media with access passwords and download passwords only available to them. I keep things locked up pretty tight for protection. Only TFP images will be used for my portfolio for social media and other social media platforms.  Client images will stay a part of my website portfolio in the folder called Different Events after the 6months is done.

COPYRIGHT WARNING: ALL IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHTED and owned by me: Federal Copyright Act of 1976. It is illegal to copy, distribute, alter, and/or claim as your own work and these actions are punishable by law. They are owned by me. Sharing is welcomed and allowed. You may share web images on any social media platform. Do not crop or remove the logo out of images, do not add any instagram filters or try to re-edit an image on your own. Cropping and adding any other filters or making changings reduces quality and is not true representation of my work. Removing the logo is altering the image and is illegal Logo must remain intact and seen, For instagram please use "instafit" app to make sure all of the images, logo and effects are shown properly to how it was taken and edited. Credit to my name or pixgeek is appreciated but not required. Enjoy your images.


For portraits and people photography, we specialize in using fire,  powder play, smoke and other special effects using light play, gels, and other special effects to create our own style of fun in portraits.  
Serving the Quad City Area.  

Portraits People:

Sorry, we don't shoot weddings,  boudoir, Naked Images, Pin-up Styles

People Four or more: $125.00

People 1-3 people: $75.00

Special events: Senior, Maternity, Engagement 

Events: Events are charged per hour.
Up to 100 People $50.00
100 People + : Pays for a second photographer  $150.00 per hour

What we specialize in! Over 30yrs experience in the animal world, domestic, exotic, farm and wildlife
If there is something we know it is animals and their behavior. Let us get your fur, feathered, scaled fur kid the images you deserve! I have worked with the most tuff, the shyest, the most scared, the most timid animals. They perform around me.

Pets only: $50.00 for up to 1hr  up to 2 animals, $10 extra per animal

All profits will help promote and will be donated to help support my wildlife rehabilitation for critters that I take in.

Thank you always for supporting me and checking me out. 

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